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European Doberman Males


What is a European Doberman Male?

The European Doberman Male FCI standard is what we strive to abide and breed for. The European Male is a muscular built medium size strong dog. He has elegant lines with proud stature and a determined expression. The European Doberman Male size is 68-72cm at the withers and their weight is 40-45kg. The body of the European Doberman Male should appears to be almost square. The length of the body  from the shoulder to the buttock should not be more than 5% longer than the height from the withers to the ground in males. 

The European Doberman Male should have a friendly and calm disposition and be devoted to its family. He should have medium alertness and a medium threshold to irritation. The European Doberman Male is courageous, easy to train and has Strong working ability.

European Doberman Males should have an elastic, elegant, and agile gait. The front legs should reach out as far as possible while the hind quarters should reach far and produce sufficient elastic drive. While moving he should have good stability in the back, ligaments, and joints. 

The European Doberman Male skin should fit closely all over and have dark pigment. The FCI recognizes two colors for the european doberman male. Black & Rust and Brown & Rust.

Our Males


Sant Kreal Tyrant


Troyan Di Assolutonero


Mr. Zed Di Assolutonero


Marco Di Assolutonero


Shaytan’s Angel Nubucco


Marco Di Assolutonero

Males We Have Used


Shaytan’s Angel Tibet


Victor Del Nasi

fahir giddy blossom

Fahir Giddy Blossom

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Destiny Phoenix No Doubt

Mao Min

Angel of Shaytan Mao Zedong


Tahi Remi Chico

Mao Min

Rambo Di Altobello

Questions Commonly Asked

About our Male European Dobermans

What is the personality of a European Doberman Male?

European Doberman Males are considered people-oriented dogs that are affectionate and lovely if socialized and trained properly. They are loyal to their owners and are good with children if raised with them.

Do European Doberman Males get along with other males?

Large breed dogs like European Doberman can live happily with a dog of the same sex. However, Same Sex Aggression (SSA) is real, and must be considered when determining the perfect dog to add to your household

Are male Dobermans easy to train?

Many people feel that a Doberman will be very difficult to train and keep control of, which puts them off this breed. However, with the proper training, this definitely doesn’t have to be the case, and they can be developed into loving family dogs just like any other breed!