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Questions Commonly Asked

About our European Dobermans

Are Your Doberman Full European Bloodline?

Yes, Our Breeding Program is Strictly Set to preserve the European Doberman.

How much do your dogs Cost, and what is the deposit Amount?

Every litter is priced differently and so are some dogs based on quality.
Range: 3,500$-5,000$
Deposit amount is 1,000$

Are your dogs Large and what is their weight and height.

There are many qualities we look at when breeding and selecting dogs for breeding, and size isn’t at the top of our List. Our Males full grown are typically 95-110lbs, and our females are 80-95 lbs. Height of males is 27″-29″ and females 25″-27″.

what colors do you breed?

We breed the European standard colors. Black and Rust, Brown and Rust.

what forms of payment do you take?

At the moment we take Apple pay, Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, Bank transfer, cash App, Western Union, and Cash.

What is the Difference between Male and female?

Males and females have a wide variety of different personalities. The only 2 actual differences is that Males pee on every corner and Tree, and females have heat cycles for 2 weeks every 6 months.

How early do puppies go home?

Puppies are not legally allowed to leave mom until they are 8 weeks old.
European imports are not allowed to enter the USA Until they are 4 months old.