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Paul doberman was founded roughly five years ago. It had all started when I had purchased a rottweiler pup from a neighbor of mine. Bruce was an amazing rottie with a big heart and an even bigger appetite. One day when I had returned from work, I called for bruce the way I always had and received no response. Knowing that my loyal companion had always sprinted toward me when I called his name had left me breathless with despair; I knew something was wrong. Bruce was nowhere to be found, and after weeks of searching for him, it was apparent that someone had stolen our beloved rottweiler. Bruce had truly become a part of our family and we were all devastated. At times I had even found it hard to sleep at night, not knowing where he was.

Are an addiction

Months had gone by and it was time to fill the void that was left by bruce. That is when I started searching the internet and came across “sierra dobie farms” in memphis, tennessee. Searching their site full of beautiful european doberman, I became intrigued by a specific breeding. It was a pairing between a very impressive doberman I had run into on youtube more than once. Brent, a partner working with steve at sdf, had shipped frozen semen for one of his females from “obi wan kenobi de grande vinko” in serbia. At the beginning of my doberman obsession, I didn’t know much but what my eyes could see. Upon seeing the pairing between sierra’s zooming zoey x obi wan kenobi dgv on the site, I quickly called and asked about the breeding. Steve, the owner of sdf, was actually amazed to have gotten a call so fast about that breeding, knowing it was only put up for a few hours. Speaking with him had convinced me that this was the right breeding from which to purchase a puppy. There was a small problem with the funds at first, but in the end, I was still able to reserve first pick of the litter.