European Doberman For Sale By Paul Doberman

Presenting Our 9 month old Female

How We Select Our European Doberman Puppies For Sale And Our Priorities:

European Doberman Body:

Thick Strong Bones.
Short Compact Mid Section.
Proper Angulation.
Perfect Top line Slope.
Well Placed Tail.

European Doberman Head:

Voluminous Skull.
Long Thick Muzzle.
Beautiful Expression.
Correct Bite And Teeth Placement.

European Doberman Temperament:

High Food Drive.
High Prey Drive.

Presenting Our Amazing Star
Oriana Di Altobello

Who We Are. What We Do

We are a small family business driven by love and

admiration. We specialize in European Show Doberman. Our

goal is to one day incorporate both show Doberman and work capable Doberman

in a healthy body. Alongside this we want to provide not only the

perfect dog but the perfect pet. We have a very good understanding

of not only the European Doberman but the dog. We work with a number of European

Doberman Kennels overseas as well as veterinarians that understand

the breed well. We work a tireless number of hours to ensure our

customers have the knowledge they require, and that our dogs have the LOVE they deserve. 

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What we breed and where we get our adults from:

100% Full blood European Doberman for sale, Eastern European Doberman Conformation dogs, Beautiful Altobello European Doberman puppies, Imported European doberman champions, Pure Full blood champion Show Line Doberman, Sound Minded European Doberman puppies for sale, Well rounded European Doberman pinschers for sale, Fully health tested European Doberman parents, Fully Registered FCI and AKC European Doberman Adults,  And we carefully and specifically choose our European Doberman puppies European Doberman adults for sale for each specific home. 


european Doberman Kennels we work closely with:

Home of Natural born champions


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